Albania Euro 2024 Fixtures: Group, Dates, kick-off times, TV Channel

The UEFA Euro 2024 is an eagerly anticipated event for football fans, and Albania’s participation adds an exciting dimension to the tournament. We’ll delve into which group Albania is in, provide a detailed schedule of their matches with dates and times, and even explore Albania’s history in the Euros.

This guide provides all the essential information for Albanian supporters looking to follow their national team’s journey in the competition.

What group will Albania be in Euro 2024?

Albania has been drawn into Group B for Euro 2024, sharing the group with powerhouse football nations Spain, Croatia and Italy. This presents a thrilling challenge for the Albanian team as they face some of the most esteemed teams in European football​​.

Euro 2024 Albania Fixtures

Here’s a breakdown of their fixtures, all times listed in Albania Standard Time (AST):

June 15, 2024Italy vs Albania9:00 PMSignal Iduna Park, Dortmund, Germany
June 19, 2024Croatia vs Albania3:00 PMVolksparkstadion, Hamburg, Germany
June 24, 2024Albania vs Spain9:00 PMMERKUR SPIEL-ARENA, Düsseldorf, Germany

These matches are crucial for Albania as they look to make an impact in the tournament and advance beyond the group stage​​.

UEFA Euro Albania History, Record & Our Prediction

Albania’s history in the UEFA Euro is relatively recent, with their only previous appearance being at Euro 2016. During that tournament, Albania managed to secure a historic win against Romania but ultimately did not advance beyond the group stage. Despite their limited history in the competition, Albania’s spirited performances have won them many admirers.

Given the tough competition in Group B, advancing to the knockout stages will be challenging for Albania. However, football often surprises us, and Albania’s determination and team spirit could lead to unexpected successes. Our prediction is cautiously optimistic, hoping for strong performances that could potentially upset their more favoured opponents.

Which Channel Will Broadcast in Albania?

In Albania, the official broadcaster for Euro 2024 is TV Klan. This channel will provide comprehensive coverage of all the matches, ensuring that fans in Albania can enjoy the entire tournament live from the comfort of their homes​.

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How many Euro championships has Albania won?

Albania has yet to win a UEFA European Championship. Their football history in this tournament is still being written, with Euro 2024 providing an opportunity to add a glorious chapter.

The UEFA Euro 2024 presents a significant opportunity for Albania to showcase its football talent on a grand stage. Facing the likes of Spain, Italy, and Croatia is no small feat, but with determination, teamwork, and the support of their passionate fans, Albania can aspire to make this tournament a memorable one.

Let’s rally behind the team and look forward to exciting matches filled with pride and joy. Go, Albania!

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