Euro 2024 Round of 16: Teams, Schedule and How It Works

The excitement builds as Euro 2024 enters the knockout stages. This phase marks the transition from group skirmishes to high-stakes clashes, where every match could be a team’s last.

Here’s everything you need to know about the Round of 16-the teams, the schedule, and the workings of this thrilling tournament stage.

What is the Round of 16?

The Round of 16 at Euro 2024 signifies the beginning of the knockout phase, where 16 teams compete in a do-or-die format. At this point, the competition adopts a single-elimination approach, intensifying the drama and unpredictability.

Teams must win their match to progress; a loss here spells the end of their Euro 2024 journey.

Euro 2024 Round of 16

Round of 16 Teams and Bracket Overview

The Euro 2024 bracket is divided into two sections, each poised to produce a finalist. The setup was determined following the group stage, which concluded on June 26.

In the first half of the bracket, teams that have shown formidable strength and secured their places include Germany, Spain, Portugal, France, and Denmark. These teams have demonstrated skill and resilience, and one will advance as a finalist from this group.

The second half of the bracket currently features Switzerland, Italy, Austria, and England. More teams will join them as the remaining group matches are finalized.

Meanwhile, the Netherlands and Slovenia have qualified for the Round of 16, but their exact positions in the bracket are still pending, depending on the final group match results. As the knockout phase unfolds, the precise paths for these teams will become more transparent, setting the stage for thrilling showdowns as they vie for a spot in the tournament’s final rounds.

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Euro 2024 Round of 16 Schedule

The Round of 16 for Euro 2024 is set with teams locked in after finishing either first or second in their groups, along with the four best third-placed teams advancing to the knockout stage.

Each match in the Round of 16 is crucial, and the schedule is as follows, with times listed in CET and adjustments for other time zones (ET -6hrs, BST -1hr, India +3:30hrs, AEST +8 hrs):

DateTime (CET)MatchLocation
Fri, June 296 PMM1: Switzerland vs. ItalyBerlin (Olimpiastadion)
Fri, June 299 PMM2: Germany vs. DenmarkDortmund (Westfalenstadion)
Sat, June 306 PMM3: England vs. SlovakiaGelsenkirchen (Arena AufSchalke)
Sat, June 309 PMM4: Spain vs. GeorgiaCologne (RheinEnergieStadion)
Sun, July 16 PMM5: France vs. BelgiumDusseldorf (Merkur Spiel-Arena)
Sun, July 19 PMM6: Portugal vs. SloveniaFrankfurt (Waldstadion)
Mon, July 26 PMM7: Romania vs. NetherlandsMunich (Allianz Arena)
Mon, July 29 PMM8: Austria vs. TurkeyLeipzig (Red Bull Arena)

How Does the Round of 16 Work?

Each match in the Round of 16 operates under a win-or-go-home principle. If a game ends in a tie after 90 minutes of regulation, it extends into 30 minutes of extra time. Should the deadlock persist, a penalty shootout decides the teams’ fate.

What’s at Stake?

The winners of the Round of 16 matches advance to the quarterfinals, moving one step closer to the coveted Euro 2024 trophy. The mix of seasoned squads and ambitious newcomers ensures a vibrant contest filled with strategic plays and heartfelt efforts.

As the tournament progresses, each match promises great football and stories of triumph and heartbreak, epitomizing the essence of Euro 2024.

Stay tuned and experience every thrilling moment as Europe’s best teams battle it out for glory on the grand stage of Euro 2024.

Don’t miss a beat of this exhilarating tournament-keep up with the schedule, watch the live actions, and cheer on your favourite teams as they strive for victory!

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