Euro 2024 Play-off Finals: Everything You Need to Know

The race to qualify for the Euro 2024 football championship is heating up! On Tuesday, March 26th, the play-off finals are set to decide the final three spots in the tournament.

Euro 2024 Play-off Finals

Which teams have made the Euro 2024 play-off finals?

Ukraine vs. Iceland

The two teams will face off in Wroclaw, Poland. After an impressive comeback against Israel, Iceland, led by the outstanding Albert Gudmundsson who netted a hat-trick, is looking to continue their dream run. On the other hand, Ukraine, overcoming Bosnia with two late strikes, is aiming for a spot in Euro 2024 despite not being able to host the final due to ongoing conflicts at home.

Georgia vs. Greece

Hosting the match, Georgia is on the brink of making history by potentially qualifying for their first major tournament. Their hopes are high after defeating Luxembourg 2-0. Greece, after a thumping 5-0 win over Kazakhstan, is confident and aims to secure their place in the European tournament.

Wales vs. Poland

Set to take place in Wales, this match pits the Welsh team, who defeated Finland 4-1, against Poland, which saw off Estonia with a similar scoreline. Both teams are packed with talent and are eager to claim the final spot for Euro 2024.

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Key Moments from the Play-offs:

  • Iceland’s remarkable recovery against Israel highlighted by Gudmundsson’s hat-trick.
  • Ukraine’s thrilling victory over Bosnia, with goals in the dying minutes of the game.
  • Georgia’s hopes kept alive by Budu Zivzivadze’s crucial goals against Luxembourg.
  • Greece’s dominating performance against Kazakhstan, showcasing their readiness for the European stage.
  • The unfortunate incident for Luxembourg, with a goal overturned by VAR leading to a player’s dismissal.

The winners of these matches will book their spots in Euro 2024, joining the elite of European football. The teams that don’t make it will have another chance to play in friendlies, allowing them to prepare and improve for future competitions.

The Euro 2024 play-offs are the culmination of efforts from the last UEFA Nations League’s group winners and the highest-ranked teams that didn’t directly qualify for the tournament. It’s not just about winning; it’s about national pride and the dream of competing among Europe’s best.

These final matches are not to be missed. Whether you’re supporting one of the teams or just love the game, these play-offs offer top-notch football action as teams battle it out for their spot in Euro 2024.

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