How to Watch Euro 2024 in Germany: TV Schedule & Live Streaming

Euro 2024 is just around the corner, and excitement is building up in Germany as it gears up to host one of the most prestigious football tournaments. Whether you are a local or an international fan living in Germany, here’s how you can catch all the action live.

Germany will host the tournament from June 14 to July 14, 2024, across various cities, including Munich, Berlin, and Frankfurt. The opening match will feature Germany vs. Scotland at the Allianz Arena in Munich.

Which TV Channel Will Broadcast Euro 2024 in Germany?

In Germany, the primary broadcasters for Euro 2024 are ARD and ZDF. These public broadcasters will share the broadcasting rights, providing extensive tournament coverage. ARD and ZDF are free-to-air channels, making it easy for anyone with a TV to watch the matches without additional cost.

Watch Euro 2024 in Germany

RTL will also broadcast some of the Euro 2024 matches. Known for its sports coverage, RTL will provide another avenue for viewers to catch the games live on TV.

Deutsche Telekom holds additional broadcasting rights and will offer coverage through various platforms, including MagentaTV.

Germany UEFA EURO 2024 Broadcasting Schedule

ARD and ZDF will broadcast 34 games for free, including all matches involving the German national team. RTL will show 17 matches, with three group games exclusive to MagentaTV. MagentaTV will offer all 51 matches live for streaming, while ARD, ZDF, and RTL will stream select games.

The UEFA Euro 2024 tournament will feature 51 matches, broadcast across different time slots to accommodate a global audience. The group stage matches will occur between June 15 and 26, with kick-off times at 15:00, 18:00, and 21:00.

The knockout stages will start on June 29 and culminate with the final on July 14 at the Olympic Stadium in Berlin.

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Group Stage TV Schedule

DateTimeMatchVenueTV Channel
Thursday, June 1421:00Germany vs ScotlandMunichZDF
Friday, June 1515:00Hungary vs SwitzerlandCologneMagenta
Friday, June 1518:00Spain vs CroatiaBerlinARD
Friday, June 1521:00Italy vs AlbaniaDortmundARD
Saturday, June 1615:00Poland vs NetherlandsHamburgRTL
Saturday, June 1618:00Slovenia vs DenmarkStuttgartZDF
Saturday, June 1621:00Serbia vs EnglandGelsenkirchenZDF
Sunday, June 1715:00Romania vs UkraineMunichRTL
Sunday, June 1718:00Belgium vs SlovakiaFrankfurtZDF
Sunday, June 1721:00Austria vs FranceDüsseldorfARD
Monday, June 1818:00Turkey vs GeorgiaDortmundRTL
Monday, June 1821:00Portugal vs CzechiaLeipzigARD
Tuesday, June 1915:00Croatia vs AlbaniaHamburgRTL
Tuesday, June 1918:00Germany vs HungaryStuttgartARD
Tuesday, June 1921:00Scotland vs SwitzerlandCologneARD
Wednesday, June 2015:00Slovenia vs SerbiaMunichRTL
Wednesday, June 2018:00Denmark vs EnglandFrankfurtZDF
Wednesday, June 2021:00Spain vs ItalyGelsenkirchenZDF
Thursday, June 2115:00Slovakia vs UkraineDüsseldorfMagenta
Thursday, June 2118:00Poland vs AustriaBerlinARD
Thursday, June 2121:00Netherlands vs FranceLeipzigARD
Friday, June 2215:00Georgia vs CzechiaHamburgRTL
Friday, June 2218:00Turkey vs PortugalDortmundZDF
Friday, June 2221:00Belgium vs RomaniaCologneZDF
Saturday, June 2321:00Switzerland vs GermanyFrankfurtARD
Saturday, June 2321:00Scotland vs HungaryStuttgartMagenta
Sunday, June 2421:00Albania vs SpainDüsseldorf
Sunday, June 2421:00Croatia vs ItalyLeipzig
Monday, June 2518:00France vs PolandDortmund
Monday, June 2518:00Netherlands vs AustriaBerlin
Monday, June 2521:00Denmark vs SerbiaMunich
Monday, June 2521:00England vs SloveniaCologne
Tuesday, June 2618:00Slovakia vs RomaniaFrankfurt
Tuesday, June 2618:00Ukraine vs BelgiumStuttgart
Tuesday, June 2621:00Georgia vs PortugalGelsenkirchen
Tuesday, June 2621:00Czechia vs TurkeyHamburg

Round of 16 TV Schedule

DateTimeMatchVenueTV Channel
Saturday, June 2918:00M37: 2A – 2B*Berlin
Saturday, June 2921:00M38: 1A – 2CDortmund
Sunday, June 3018:00M39: 1C – 3D/E/F*Gelsenkirchen
Sunday, June 3021:00M40: 1B – 3A/D/E/FCologne
Monday, July 118:00M41: 2D – 2EDüsseldorf
Monday, July 121:00M42: 1F – 3A/B/CFrankfurt
Tuesday, July 218:00M43: 1E – 3A/B/C/DMunich
Tuesday, July 221:00M44: 1D – 2FLeipzig

Quarter-finals TV Schedule

DateTimeMatchVenueTV Channel
Friday, July 518:00M45: Winner M35 – Winner M37Stuttgart
Friday, July 521:00M46: Winner M41 – Winner M42Hamburg
Saturday, July 618:00M47: Winner M43 – Winner M44Düsseldorf
Saturday, July 621:00M48: Winner M40 – Winner M38Berlin

Semi-finals TV Schedule

DateTimeMatchVenueTV Channel
Tuesday, July 921:00M49: Winner M45 – Winner M46Munich
Wednesday, July 1021:00M50: Winner M47 – Winner M48Dortmund

Final TV Schedule

Sunday, July 1421:00Winner M49 – Winner M50BerlinARD

How to Watch Euro 2024 Live Stream in Germany?

ARD Mediathek and ZDF Mediathek

ARD and ZDF offer live streaming options through their online platforms, ARD Mediathek and ZDF Mediathek.

These services are accessible via web browsers, mobile apps, and smart TV apps, providing flexibility for viewers who prefer to stream the matches.


Deutsche Telekom’s MagentaTV will stream all matches live. This service can be accessed by subscribers through various devices, including smartphones, tablets, and smart TVs.

They offer various packages that include Euro 2024 coverage along with other entertainment options.


You can stream selected RTL matches live via RTL+, but it requires a subscription. RTL+ can be accessed on various devices, including smartphones and smart TVs.

How to Stream Euro 2024 from Anywhere?

If you travel outside Germany during the tournament and still want to watch the matches, you can use a VPN to access the German streams.

Services like ExpressVPN and NordVPN allow you to connect to a server in Germany, enabling you to use ARD Mediathek, ZDF Mediathek, or MagentaTV as if you were in Germany.

Can I Watch Euro 2024 for Free in Germany?

Yes, you can watch Euro 2024 for free in Germany. The tournament will be broadcast on ARD and ZDF, both public TV channels that do not require a subscription. These channels will cover various matches, including the opening game, significant group stage matches, and the knockout stages.

For online streaming, you can use ARD Mediathek and ZDF Mediathek, which also offer free access to live broadcasts.

Additionally, RTL will broadcast some matches, and while it is also a free-to-air channel, its online streaming service, RTL+, requires a subscription.

ARD Mediathek and ZDF Mediathek are known for their high-quality streams, ensuring you don’t miss any moment of the action.

MagentaTV also offers high-definition streaming for an enhanced viewing experience.

With multiple broadcasting and streaming options, watching Euro 2024 in Germany is convenient and accessible.

Whether you watch on TV or stream online, you won’t miss any of the excitement of this thrilling tournament. Enjoy the games!

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