England Euro 2024 Kit: All You Need to Know

The excitement for Euro 2024 is mounting, and with the tournament just around the corner, England has unveiled its new kits. Here’s everything you need to know about the home and away kits that the Three Lions will be sporting this summer.

England Euro 2024 Kit
Image Credit: Nike

Home Kit

England Euro 2024 Home Kit
Image Credit: Nike

The England home kit for Euro 2024 remains faithful to the classic white but introduces a new shade of deeper blue, creating a fresh yet traditional look. It features Nike’s Dri-FIT ADV technology, which ensures optimal performance by enhancing mobility, breathability, and comfort during intense gameplay. The design also includes a modern interpretation of the St. George’s cross on the back of the collar, adding a subtle yet patriotic touch.

Away Kit

England Euro 2024 Away Kit
Image Credit: Nike

Breaking away from traditional colors, the 2024 away kit introduces a bold purple color scheme, a first for the England team. This kit also utilizes Nike’s Dri-FIT technology and focuses on sustainability with materials chosen to reduce environmental impact. The design is aimed at combining modern aesthetic with classic inspirations, making it stand out both on and off the pitch​.

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Where to Buy?

The England Euro 2024 kits are available for both men’s, women’s, and kids’ sizes. The kits come in various options, including the match home and away kits, as well as the more affordable stadium versions.

Online Retailers: Visit sites such as Nike UK and the official England Store. These platforms offer the full range, including exclusive releases and standard versions for all ages and genders.

Physical Stores: You can find the kits at Nike and other sports retail outlets. It is recommended to check the availability online before visiting a store.

Pricing Overview

  • Match Kits: These are premium options available at around £124.99 for adults.
  • Stadium Kits: More affordable versions are priced at about £84.99 for adults, making them a great option for fans looking to support the team without stretching their budget too much​.

The launch of these kits not only gears up fans for the upcoming Euro 2024 but also brings a wave of excitement and support for the England team. Whether you’re watching from the stands or from your living room, these kits are sure to make you feel part of the action.

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