UEFA Limits Referee Conversations to Captains at Euro 2024

UEFA has announced a new rule for Euro 2024: only team captains will be allowed to approach referees to discuss decisions. This change aims to reduce the “mobbing” of referees by groups of players, which UEFA believes negatively impacts the image of football.

UEFA Limits Referee Conversations
Image Credit: World Soccer Talk

Roberto Rosetti, UEFA’s Managing Director of Refereeing, explained the rationale behind this move. “To improve the current situation, we want referees to explain their decisions more clearly to the teams. The idea is simple: only the captain speaks to the referee.”

This new protocol requires captains to prevent their teammates from surrounding and confronting the referee. This ensures that any discussions between the captain and the referee remain direct, respectful, and efficient.

The initiative aligns with recent trials by the International Football Association Board (IFAB), which tested restricting referee approaches to team captains in specific situations.

Euro 2024 will be held in Germany, starting with a match between Germany and Scotland on Friday, June 14. Any player, other than the captain, who approaches the referee with disrespect or dissent will receive a yellow card. Rosetti also mentioned that if the captain is a goalkeeper, an outfield player will be designated to fulfill this role for incidents occurring away from the goalkeeper’s area.

This new rule aims to maintain order on the field and improve the overall conduct during matches, enhancing the viewing experience for fans and upholding the spirit of the game.

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