Euro 2024 Ball: Everything You Need to Know

The official match ball for UEFA Euro 2024, named FUSSBALLLIEBE (which translates to “love of football” in German), has been unveiled with much excitement. This ball, developed by adidas, symbolizes the energy and passion surrounding the tournament and brings forward innovative features aimed at enhancing the game and the viewing experience.

Euro 2024 Ball

Design and Inspiration

FUSSBALLLIEBE’s design captures the spirit of football and the vibrancy of the tournament. It features distinctive black wing shapes highlighted with colorful edges, curves, and dots representing the dynamism of football and the diversity brought by the competing nations. The ball also showcases illustrations of each tournament stadium along with the names of the host cities, emphasizing the connection between the event and its venues across Germany​​​​.


Advanced Technology

One of the standout features of FUSSBALLLIEBE is its adidas Connected Ball Technology. This includes a suspension system inside the ball that houses a 500Hz inertial measurement unit (IMU) motion sensor. This advanced tech offers detailed data on the ball’s movement, aiding VAR decisions and enhancing the accuracy and consistency of in-game calls. Moreover, the ball’s outer shell, known as the Precision Shell, and its innovative core, the CTR-CORE, are designed for superior performance, ensuring fast, precise play with optimal shape and air retention​​​​.


Adidas has prioritized sustainability in the creation of FUSSBALLLIEBE, utilizing bio-based materials like corn fibers, sugar cane, wood pulp, and rubber. This makes it the most sustainable official match ball by adidas to date, also featuring recycled polyester and water-based inks without compromising performance​​.

Impact on Offside Decisions

A significant advancement brought by the FUSSBALLLIEBE ball is its potential to improve the accuracy and speed of offside decisions in matches. The integrated chip within the ball communicates data 500 times a second, enabling real-time tracking of when the ball is played. This is expected to reduce the time taken for VAR reviews, specifically for offside calls, making the game flow better and reducing waiting times for players and fans alike​​.

Contributions to Charity

Adidas has committed to contributing 1% of the ball’s net sales to the Common Goal charity, supporting initiatives that use football to drive social change. This aligns with the broader mission to use the sport as a force for good​​.


The FUSSBALLLIEBE ball is priced at €150 and is available for purchase at adidas retail outlets, selected retailers, and online. This offers fans a chance to own a piece of football history while looking forward to the Euro 2024 tournament​​.

Euro 2024 Ball FAQs:

What is the name of the Euro 2024 official match ball?

The official match ball is named FUSSBALLLIEBE.

What new technologies are included in the Euro 2024 ball?

The ball features adidas Connected Ball Technology, CTR-CORE, and the Precision Shell for better performance and VAR support.

How does the Euro 2024 ball contribute to sustainability?

It is made from bio-based materials and recycled polyester, making it the most sustainable adidas Official Match Ball to date.

How will the Euro 2024 ball impact VAR decisions?

The ball is designed to aid faster and more accurate offside decisions thanks to its embedded chip that provides real-time data.

Where can I purchase the Euro 2024 official match ball?

It is available at adidas retail stores, selected retailers, and online.

This overview provides a comprehensive look into what makes FUSSBALLLIEBE not just a ball, but a symbol of innovation, sustainability, and love for football as Europe gears up for UEFA Euro 2024.

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