Euro 2024 Mascot: Everything You Need to Know

Get ready to love football even more! Meet Albärt, the cuddly and inspiring mascot of UEFA Euro 2024. This adorable teddy bear, deeply rooted in German tradition, represents everything we love about the beautiful game.

Albärt is more than just a mascot – he’s a champion of play, teamwork, and a healthy love for the sport.

Euro 2024 Mascot

Origins and Selection

Albärt wasn’t just chosen; he was brought to life by the fans! Through a public vote on and the UEFA Football in Schools programme, Albärt emerged as the clear favorite. He beat out other charming contenders like Bärnardo, Bärnheart, and Herzi von Bär, earning a whopping 32% of the vote.

This democratic process shows how Albärt aims to connect with young fans and make them feel part of the Euro 2024 excitement.

Mission and Activities

Albärt has a big mission: to get kids moving and inspire a love for football! Here’s how he plans to do it:

  • #MakeMoves: Schools across Europe can join the #MakeMoves initiative. Using motion capture technology, kids bring Albärt to life with their own movements, encouraging creativity, teamwork, and healthy activity.
  • Educational Powerhouse: Albärt will team up with social media influencers to create fun and informative content on training, nutrition, and well-being. This material will be super accessible and designed for kids.
  • Digital Adventures: In the ‘Pinata Smashlings’ world on Roblox, Albärt takes center stage! Kids can join him on challenges and quests that promote problem-solving and teamwork.

The Historical Lineage

Albärt joins a long and playful line of UEFA European Championship mascots. From Pinocchio in 1980 to the dynamic Skillzy in 2016, each mascot has brought unique charm to the tournament. Albärt, with his classic teddy bear appeal, is sure to become an iconic part of Euro history.

Euro 2024 Mascot FAQ:

Who is the Euro 2024 mascot?

Albärt, the friendly teddy bear!

How was the Euro 2024 mascot chosen?

Fans voted! Albärt was the top pick through and the UEFA Football in Schools programme.

What is the mission of the Euro 2024 mascot?

Albärt wants to inspire kids to get active, embrace teamwork, and fall in love with football.

Will the Euro 2024 mascot be involved in any digital activities?

Definitely! Albärt will be a star in the ‘Pinata Smashlings’ world on Roblox.

What is the #MakeMoves initiative?

It’s a campaign where kids bring Albärt to life with their moves, promoting physical activity and football values.

The Euro 2024 mascot is a symbol of joy, unity, and the enduring spirit of football. Albärt will make UEFA Euro 2024 an unforgettable experience for fans of all ages, especially the youngest generation!

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